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Fig. 2

From: A mathematical model relates intracellular TLR4 oscillations to sepsis progression

Fig. 2

Simulated TLR4 cellular distribution during sepsis. a Attractive limit cycle representing steady-state oscillations. b Fixed-point attractor obtained following a low to medium (ϕ < 1.2) tlr4 mRNA increase that temporarily augments TLR4 concentrations on the cell surface and thereafter within the EE system. c Double-attractor obtained upon increasing tlr4 mRNA, that leads to high TLR4 concentrations oscillating indeterminately between EE and cell membrane. X axis = TLR4 concentration in TGN/ERC. Y axis = concentration of TLR4 in EE. Z axis = concentration of TLR4 on cell surface. Units represent fold changes

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