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Fig. 1

From: FDG-PET/CT activity leads to the diagnosis of unsuspected TB: a retrospective study

Fig. 1

FDG-PET/CT scans of patients (PT) 1, 2, and 5. Images are axial and coronal fused PET/CT images with CT in standard lung windows and the PET in an orange color scale. PT1 shows a 2 cm spiculated lung nodule in the right upper lobe (RUL) with SUVmax of 2.72. PT2 shows a similar finding in the left upper lobe (LUL) but tracer uptake is slightly higher with SUVmax of 3.9. PT5 shows two RUL nodules, with 1.6 and 1.4 cm, both with SUVmax of 2.6

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