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Fig. 1

From: Development of a laboratorial platform for diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni by PCR-ELISA

Fig. 1

a 6% polyacrylamide gel showing 110 pb bands with decreasing intensity from 3 ng/µl to 3 fg/µl. The corresponding absorbance readings presented by the PCR-ELISA laboratorial platform are described below each lane, decreasing from 1.858 to 0.278, according to the concentration of S. mansoni DNA used in the PCR reaction. A 100 bp ladder marker (Promega, Madison, WI, USA) and a negative control (NC) are presented in the first two lanes. b Pearson’s positive correlation between the Log10 [S. mansoni DNA] and absorbance readings (450 nm). Pearson’s coefficient = 0.932 (r2 = 0.87, p = 0.002)

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