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Fig. 3

From: Caveolin-1 is dispensable for early lymphoid development, but plays a role in the maintenance of the mature splenic microenvironment

Fig. 3

Follicle center B-cell lymphomas display altered CAV1 staining and expression patterns. a Representative tissue microarray cores stained for CAV1 expression. All images taken at ×20. b Bar graph of the distribution of composite scores assigned to healthy LN (n = 26), DBCL (n = 293), and FL (n = 18) samples for CAV1 staining. c Boxplot of the normalized log-transformed CAV1 expression value using the 212097_at signal probe for SP (n = 12), diffuse large B-cell lymphoma activated B cell-like (DLBCL-ABC) (n = 46), diffuse large B-cell lymphoma germinal center B cell-like (DLBCL-GCB) (n = 40), and FL (n = 27). Line within box represents median, whiskers extend to Tukey lines. (For (b): NS not significant, please see “Methods” for description of scoring key, *p < 0.05 Kruskal–Wallis and Dunn’s multiple comparisons test. For (c): NS not significant, *p < 0.001 comparison among groups of arrays method)

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