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Table 3 Antibiogram pattern of Salmonella spp. isolated from 387 food handlers in Wolaita Sodo meal-serving facilities, 2017

From: Burden of intestinal pathogens and associated factors among asymptomatic food handlers in South Ethiopia: emphasis on salmonellosis

Bacterial isolates Pattern Antibiotics No (%)
Salmonella spp. R0 None 3(8.6)
n = 35 R1 AMX 1(2.9)
  R2 TTC, TMP–SXT 2(5.7)
  R3* AMP, TTC, TMP–SXT 3(8.6)
   AMP, TMP–SXT, NA 3(8.6)
   AMP, AMX, NA 3(8.6)
  R4* AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT 3(8.6)
  R5* AMP, TTC, AMX, NA, CRO, K 3(8.6)
   AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT, CRO 4(11.4)
   AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT, K, CN 3(8.6)
  R6* AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT, NA, CN, AMK, K 2(5.7)
   AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT, K, CIP 2(5.7)
  R8* AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT, K, NA, CN, CRO, CIP 1(2.9)
   AMP, TTC, AMX, TMP–SXT, K, NA, CN, AMK, CRO, CIP 2(5.7)
  1. R*: MDR (resistance to more than two class of antibiotic)