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Table 3 Examples of journal responses and classification

From: A randomised investigation of journal responses to academic and journalist enquiry about possible scientific misconduct

Response Classification
We have no comment Negative tone/no use
Your email was forwarded to me. We’re still looking into this matter per our policies Neutral tone/no use
I have forwarded your e-mail to the editor and will keep you posted regarding the same Neutral tone/no use
Sorry for the delay in responding—for some reason your earlier emails did not get through to me… we have been working on this issue for some time now. The … managing editor … has been working with … staff as there is a defined process they need to follow. She is looking into where we stand with this and I will follow up with you once I learn more Positive tone/no use
Thanks very much for your message regarding the two papers published in … Yes, the … has initiated an investigation using the COPE guidelines. The results of this investigation will guide our future actions Positive tone/limited use