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Table 1 Details of a yoga practice session

From: Changes in vigilance, self rated sleep and state anxiety in military personnel in India following yoga

S. no.   Yoga practice Duration (min)
1 Starting Universal prayer 3
2 Warming up Sun salutation (Surya namaskara) 10
3 Loosening exercises Neck rotation 3
Knee and ankle rotation 3
Shoulder rotation 3
Butterfly pose 1
4 Standing postures Swaying palm tree pose (Tirryaktadasana) 3
Tree pose (Vrikshasana) 3
Feet and hands posture (Padahastasana) 2
5 Sitting postures Frog posture (Mandukasana) 3
Rabbit posture (Sasakasana) 3
Sitting lateral twisting posture (Vakrasana) 5
Cow face posture (Gomukhasana) 5
6 Prone postures Crocodile posture (Makarasana) 5
Cobra posture (Bhujangasana) 3
Half-locust posture (Salabhasana) 3
7 Supine postures Half-plough posture (Ardhhalasana) 3
Rotating leg pose (Padavritasana) 6
Leg circling pose (Dwichakrasana) 6
8 Relaxation Supine relaxed posture (Shavasana) with breath awareness 5
9 Yoga breathing series (pranayamas) Yoga bellows type breathing (Bhastrika) 3
High frequency yoga breathing (Kapalabhati) 10
Bahyavriti pranayama 3
Victorious breath (Ujjayi) 3
Alternative nostril yoga breathing (Anlom-vilom) 10
Bee breathing practice (Bhramari) 3
Om chanting (Udgeeth) 3
10 Relaxation Supine relaxed posture (Shavasana) with breath awareness 5
11   Concluding prayer 2
  1. Total duration of the session was 120 min and the same practices have been repeated during the evening session too