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Fig. 1

From: Exogenous human OKSM factors maintain pluripotency gene expression of bovine and porcine iPS-like cells obtained with STEMCCA delivery system

Fig. 1

Porcine iPS like cells’ colonies from PEF transduced with STEMCCA cultured in SB43 medium. a Emerging colony at day 5 in Geltrex-coated dishes (left), at day 6 of culture (center), and flatten edged colonies of 4th passage after 4 days of culture (right); b RT-PCR analysis of gene expression of Klf4, Nanog and Oct4 from p-iPS-like cells’ colonies (C+ positive control, pool of porcine embryos; C− negative control, water; samples: p-iPS like cells from P3 and P5); c Nodal expression in PEF and progressive diminution of Nodal mRNA levels in iPS-like cells of passage 2–4. d Exo-Sox2 mRNA from STEMCCA was analysed by RT-PCR in p-iPSC like cells. Pool of porcine embryos (PEF) were used as a positive control, samples: p-IPSC P3 and p-iPSC P5

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