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Fig. 2

From: First molecular screening of Plasmodium species in ungulates from Southern Brazil

Fig. 2

Agarose gel electrophoresis showing the size of amplified products by PCR with generic primers targeting a highly conserved region of 18S rRNA gene (a) or mitochondrial cytochrome b gene (b) of genus Plasmodium. (M) represents the molecular weight marker (100 bp DNA Ladder Invitrogen) (C−) negative controls (water) and (C+) a Plasmodium positive control (genomic DNA from Plasmodium brasilianum, Peru III strain). The numbers (1–7) show the results obtained for seven of all negative tested samples. a shows amplification product of ~ 240 bp only in the positive control as well as b shows amplification product of ~ 600 bp only in the positive control

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