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Fig. 3

From: Effect of transcription terminator usage on the establishment of transgene transcriptional gene silencing

Fig. 3

Luciferase activity and DNA methylation analysis of the 35S CaMV promoter in 28 day-old plant mature leaves. a Luciferase imaging of 28 day-old plant rosette leaves from the T2 generation measured as counts per seconds (cps). b Box plot showing luciferase activity measures, represented as cps per line. ** represents marginally significant differences (p < 0.05) and *** represents highly significant differences (p < 0.001) according to Student’s test. c DNA methylation quantification of a pool of mature leaves from each construction. d DNA methylation quantification of pools of mature leaves from silenced (number in red) and not silenced lines (number in white) from each construction. e Luciferase activity ± standard deviation versus total DNA methylation plot for mature leaves. % of DNA methylation was calculated as (number of methylated C residues in each context (CG, CHG or CHH)/total number of C residues in that context) * 100. % of total DNA methylation was calculated as (number of methylated C residues/total number of C residues) * 100

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