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Table 3 Reasons for not visiting the HTC center (n = 228)

From: Socio-demographic characteristics and the utilization of HIV testing and counselling services among the key populations at the Bhutanese Refugees Camps in Eastern Nepal

Reasonsa % of respondents
Self-perceived stigma about HIV 55
Fear of discrimination 54
Lack of knowledge about HTC services 47
Perception of being at low or no risk 43
Fear of rejection by spouse/family members 34
Fear of HIV positive test result 30
Fear of violence if tested HIV positive 23
Fear of community people finding out 17
Not believing that testing will help 10
Fear of delay in resettlement process if found positive 7
Fear of needles 6
Not accepting that HIV as a disease exists 6
Not having the patience to wait for the results 5
Inconvenient testing hours 4
The perception that the test is expensive 3
Perceived long waiting time 3
Inconvenient location of HTC center 2
  1. aThe responses were not mutually exclusive