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Fig. 1

From: Psychological features of abstinent heroin users before and after rehabilitation in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Fig. 1

Changes in MMPI-2 scores after rehabilitation. Data are shown as MMPI-2 T-scores (upper boxplot), as well as difference in MMPI-2 T-scores after rehabilitation completion (lower boxplot). The lower boxplot demonstrates unidirectional changes of T-scores in the majority of completers after rehabilitation. The line at 50 is an absolute norm. The line at 65 depicts the border of normal values. The line at 75 depicts the border of severe disturbances. Statistical significance: #p < 0.05 (BY-corrected for 24 two-sampled t-tests, paired for completers before/after rehabilitation, unpaired for completers before rehabilitation vs non-completers), r—referent group (completers before rehabilitation). MMPI-2 scales: L—lie, F—infrequency, K—correction, Hs—hypochondriasis, D—depression, Hy—hysteria, Pd—psychopathic deviate, Pa—paranoia, Pt—psychasthenia, Sc—schizophrenia, Ma—hypomania, Si—social introversion

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