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Table 2 Outcome measures

From: Transcranial magnetic stimulation intervention in Alzheimer’s disease: a research proposal for a randomized controlled trial

Primary outcome measures
Memory • Logical Memory, Wechsler Memory Scale IV (WMS-IV) [48]
• International Shopping List Task
• One Card Learning Task of the neurocognitive computerized battery CogState [49, 50]
Attention • Identification Task of CogState computerized battery [49, 50]
• Direct digits of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IV (WAIS-IV) [51]
Working memory • Ad hoc computerized Zero and One-Back task and the subtest of the backward digit span test of WAIS-IV [51]
Executive functions • Five Digit Test [52]
• Ad hoc computerized Go/No-Go task
• Verbal fluency test (letters P-M-R and animals) [53]
Language • Token Test [54]
• Short form of the Boston Naming Test [55]
Processing speed • Detection Task of CogState computerized battery [49, 50]
General cognitive • Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale – cognitive subscale (ADAS-Cog) [56]
Secondary outcome measures
Functional connectivity • Assessed one time after 10 treatment sessions, through the registry of brain activity in resting state MRI
Functional capacity • Functional Assessment Questionnaire (FAQ) [57]
• UCSD Performance-Based Skills Assessment (UPSA) [58]
Mood changes (depression) • Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (HAD) [59]
• Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) [33]
Activities of daily living • Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale – activities of daily living subscale (ADAS-ADL) [56]
Modulatory outcome measures
Premorbid intellectual level • “Word Accentuation Test” (a Spanish language test) [60]
Cognitive reserve • Cognitive Reserve Questionnaire [61]
ApoE (ε4, ε2) • Genetic analysis