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Table 1 Key themes in the interviews and focus group discussions

From: Acceptability of the dengue vaccination among parents in urban poor communities of Quezon City, Philippines before and after vaccine suspension

Key themes Key pre-suspension categories Illustrative quotes (interviews) Key post-suspension categories Illustrative quotes (focus group discussion)
Parental experience in dealing with vaccination and dengue Previous vaccine experience Severity of dengue The vaccine was free I support vaccinationI am a senior citizen and I have my anti-flu and anti-pneumonia vaccinations” (non-indigent, without college degree, male) “…I am afraid experiencing severe dengue again” (non-indigent, without college degree, female, consented) “I wanted the vaccine because it was free” (non-indigent, without college degree, male, consented) Fear for the child Regret and guilt Hypervigilance to symptoms We were afraid they could die because of the vaccination” “I felt guilty because my child did not want to be vaccinatedbut I insisted” “Now, when my child complains of a symptomI would ask myself, is this the effect of Dengvaxia?
Parental trust on the public health institutions Trust the public health institutions Health workers recommendation The vaccines came from DOH. Government will not do a program without good intentions for it” (non-indigent, without college degree, female, consented) “…they (health workers) were supportive of the vaccination.” (Indigent, female) Corruption was involved Lack of trustworthy information sources Lost trust in government health programs “… it was obvious that there were large sums of money involved” “We have not heard anything from the health center about the vaccine…” “Now I doubt the health department’s programs…before if from DOH I will take it. Now, no
Communication received by parents Negative vaccine messages Vaccination happened suddenly Community-based interventions “…on the news someone died from the dengue vaccineI got scared and not consented” (Non-indigent, with college degree, female, did not consent) “The vaccination happened suddenly” (indigent, female, did not consent) “Information should come first from DOH then disseminated to the barangays and health centers.” (Non-indigent, without college degree, male, consented) Poor vaccine coherence Community-based interventions Assurance of child safety “…if the child had been injected with Dengvaxia and had no dengue, they would develop severe dengue and severe dengue cause death” “It (community meetings) is better if there are questions and could be answered. Like an open forum…” “…will children develop severe disease when vaccinatedwhat is the effect? Is it because of the dengue vaccine?