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Fig. 1

From: Detection of virus-specific polymeric immunoglobulin A in acute hepatitis A, C, E virus serum samples using novel chimeric secretory component

Fig. 1

cSC preferential binding to dIgA/pIgA on ELISA and detection with monoclonal anti-human SC. Graphs show a cSC detection, b cSC-CD4 capture and c hSC-CD4 capture, to compare binding and provide dynamic range of cSC and hSC binding to human and mouse dIgA, human IgA and human IgM and d monoclonal anti-human SC antibody (AB17377; Abcam, Abingdon UK) detection of 80 kDa hSC and cSC. Note: cSC and hSC not normalized for differences in yield/concentration of active SC, error bars indicate standard error as calculated in Excel. Asterisks indicate statistical significant with reference to dIgA [p value < 0.05 (*), < 0.01 (**), two tailed]

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