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Fig. 3

From: Calcium-induced chloride secretion is decreased by Resveratrol in ileal porcine tissue

Fig. 3

Changes in short circuit currents (ΔIsc, µA∙cm−2) as measured in Ussing chamber experiments using porcine ileal tissues and chloride containing and chloride free buffer solutions in the mucosal and serosal compartments. a ΔIsc after the addition of Resveratrol (RSV, 300 µM mucosal). b ΔIsc after the addition of glucose (10 mM mucosal, 10 mM mannit serosal). c ΔIsc after the first addition of carbachol (10 µM, serosal). d ΔIsc after the second addition of carbachol (10 µM, serosal) after the chloride free buffer solutions were replaced by chloride containing buffer solutions. e direct comparison of ΔIsc caused by carbachol under chloride free conditions and after changing the buffers to chloride containing standard buffers. Statistic results of the respective analysis of variance are shown below the graph and the results of the post test (Fisher’s LSD after RM one-way ANOVA and uncorrected Dunn’s test after the Friedman test) are indicated with asterisks: *p ≤ 0.05, **p ≤ 0.01, ***p ≤ 0.001. For the parametric test procedures in b and c, the statistical power was calculated b: Power of 0.89 (η2 = 0.26, effect size for treatment f = 0.59); c: Power of 0.99 (η2 = 0.61, f = 1.26). Mean ± SD are given in Additional file 2: Table S2

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