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Fig. 4

From: Genetic diversity and chemical variability of Lippia spp. (Verbenaceae)

Fig. 4

Evolutionary relationships between Lippia individuals generated from NJ analysis of ITS2 sequences (Kimura-2 model: PHYLIP software version 3.69). Reference sequences (see Table 2): Lamicr, Laangu, Lascab, Lacama, LaspX1, Lastri, Lahodg, LastrA, Glsubi, Glgvgo, Glguar, Glmend, Gldiss, Glaris, Glchei, Glbipi, Glchir, Glgvne, Glwrig, Glaura, GlbipT, Glarau, Glmicr, Jumicr, Jucaes, Jusela, Juavlo, Juspat, Julvlo, Juunif, Juaspa, Juaspe, Phylla canensis. Samples grouped by high genetic similarity: L2, L3, L4, L9, L11, L69, L118, L120, L129, L142 (see Table 4). Capital letters adjacent to code numbers 142 and 144 refer to the amplified bands of 340 bp (A) and 360 bp (B)

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