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Table 2 Analysis of covariance for the change in QDI scores for treadmill walking only participants compared to treadmill gait training +VFB participants

From: Visual biofeedback training reduces quantitative drugs index scores associated with fall risk

Group N QDI scores change ANCOVA Age covariate (p value)
Treadmill walking only 20 0.463 ± 0.246 0.031 0.007
Treadmill gait training +VFB 28 − 0.259 ± 0.207
Common average for age covariate 77.2
  1. QDI Quantitative Drug Index, VFB visual biofeedback
  2. Overall model was significant at p = 0.008. Change in QDI scores are post-scores minus pre-scores. Data is presented as mean and standard error of the mean. The common regression function variables were intercept equals − 5.595 and the slope for the age was 0.069. The coefficient of determination for the model was R2 = 0.194