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Fig. 2

From: High-fat, high-sugar diet induces splenomegaly that is ameliorated with exercise and genistein treatment

Fig. 2

Analysis of spleen weight (a) and ratio of red pulp area to white pulp area of the spleen (b) by sex and treatment group. As the ratio approaches 0.0, there is greater white pulp area relative to red pulp area. *Significant difference between lean mice fed standard diet and mice fed HFSD (P < 0.05); significant difference with mice fed HFSD (P < 0.05). LN, lean mice fed standard diet (n = 10 females, 8 males); HFSD, high-fat, high-sugar diet (n = 9 females, 9 males); Ex, exercise (n = 9 females, 10 males); Gen, genistein (n = 8 females, 8 males); GenEx, genistein and exercise (n = 10 females, 8 males). Data are expressed as mean ± 2 SE

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