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Table 1 Simulated patient scoring for pharmacist’s performance in the Headstrong program

From: A simulated patient evaluation of pharmacist’s performance in a men’s mental health program

Category Description of variables Maximum score and number of items
Pre-supply/assessment Patient’s name, patient age, their personal and/or medical supports, what are the symptoms, duration of the problem, previous occurrence of the problem, current medications, medical conditions, mental health conditions, substance use, whether the patient has a relationship with the pharmacy, any allergies, and past attempts at treatment 13 for 13 items
Headstrong Mentioned the Headstrong program, explained the Headstrong program, recommended a specific resource from the Headstrong website, provided Headstrong print materials 5 for 5 items
Sleep Whether the problem was initiating or maintaining sleep, waking unrefreshed, tired throughout the day, sleeping at inappropriate times, triggers and causes, change in sleep environment, whether information was provided on sleeping/insomnia, whether sleep hygiene was discussed, and whether sleep apnea was a concern 10 for 10 items
Guidance Sleep hygiene guidance provided, specific non-medication resources being promoted. 2 for 2 items
Supply (if sleeping medication provided/advised) Stating the medications name, dosage information, when to take the medication, expected onset of effect of the medication, duration of use, discussion of side effects, and cost of the medication 7 for 7 items
Communication effectiveness Empathy, knowledge applied in assessment/treatment, willingness to explore med and non-med resources, organized in assessment, organized in making recommendations, confidence demonstrated in making recommendations, respectful, recommendations easy to understand, asked if clarification was needed, issue was adequately addressed 77 for 11 items ranked from 1 to 7.
Overall rating of quality   10 on a scale from 1 to 10.