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Table 1 Overview of data files/data set

From: Magnetic resonance images and measurements of the volume, proportion, and longitudinal distribution of contractile and non-contractile tissue in the dorsi- and plantar flexor muscles of healthy young and older adults

Label Name of data file/data set File types Data repository
MRI analysis program Main analysis program code (MRI_Process) and associated functions and files to process MRI data binaries
Associated files:
GNU General Public License.txt
User Guide.pdf
MATLAB scripts (.m), MATLAB GUI (.fig), ASCII files (.txt), MATLAB binaries (.mat), and PDFs figshare
Sequential MRI data and analysis output files MRI data binaries for all subjects, labeled: XXN_MRI_Data_Combined.mat
Where XX is the group identifier (YF = young female; YM = young male; OF = old female; OM = old male) and N is the subject number (1–6)
Folder also contains results of muscle boundary identification, tissue segmentation, and cross-sectional area calculations; file name has “Output” appended, e.g. XXN_MRI_Data_Combined_Output.mat
Other files:
Output Variables Description.pdf (Description of data in the output files.)
MATLAB binaries (.mat) and PDFs