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Fig. 1

From: A pilot observational study measuring acute sarcopenia in older colorectal surgery patients

Fig. 1

Change in muscle mass and function measured during this pilot study. BATT increased within 24 h of surgery and declined at visit 3 (a). Handgrip strength varied widely; two participants experienced increases in handgrip strength and the rest experienced decreases (b). Gait speed declined from visit 1 to visit 3 (c). Although not statistically significant in this pilot, there was a higher prevalence of sarcopenia at visit 3 compared to visit 1 (d). Cut-off points are indicated [BATT 3.86 cm (women), 5.44 cm (men); muscle strength 20 kg (women), 30 kg (men); gait speed 0.8 m/s (both genders)]

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