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Table 1 Application of PDSA cycle to South Asia Burn Registry [26]

From: Applying quality improvement methods to neglected conditions: development of the South Asia Burn Registry (SABR)

PDSA step Description SABR contribution
Plan Identify an aspect of a system that needs change and develop a plan to address the change Use of regular data collection (patient demographics, burn injury details, care provided and outcomes) by health care providers to assess current care plan and identify and devise plan for areas of care that need change
Do Test the identified change through execution of the plan and allow documentation of the problem(s) associated with the plan Monitor and evaluate changes in care plan by using data to identify benefits/harms from adaptations in care plan
Study Analyze and synthesize the data and highlight the success and failures of the change being studied Develop indicators to quantify the change and identify pitfalls in the plan
Potential for synthesis of indicators into assessment of quality of burn care
Act Address further changes that need to be made in the current system and allow adaptations related to the change and implement them for next round of PDSA cycle Develop automated reporting of validated indicators and generation of reports of locally identified processes and parameters of interest
Help to contextualize local burn care and adherence to best practices