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Table 2 Description of the South Asia Burn Registry (SABR) tool

From: Applying quality improvement methods to neglected conditions: development of the South Asia Burn Registry (SABR)

Section Description and example variables
1: Initial assessment information—ED The information for this section is collected through patient observation in the ED. It includes date and time of injury, date and time of presentation to the burn center, referral cases, first aid received or not, any treatment received prior to burn center arrival
2: Patient demographics The data for this section is collected from patient/next of kin interviews and includes patient’s age, sex, area of residence, marital status, education level, occupation, household members
3: Burn injury information The data for this section is collected from patient/next of kin interviews and ED medical records. Data includes place of burn injury; activity; type and cause of burn; injury event; comorbid conditions; body region and percentage area burned; intent; predisposing factors like alcohol use, cigarette smoking, drugs, and physical disability; ED management and disposition
4: Hospital course The information for this section is collected through interview of patient/next of kin at the time of burn center discharge and from hospital medical records. Data includes requirement of nutritional support, blood products, dialysis, antibiotics, in-patient complications, number and type of surgeries, patient disposition, and functional assessment at the time of disposition. Details related to ICU stay such as duration of mechanical ventilation are also collected
5: Clinical parameters Data is collected from hospital medical records and includes weight, height, hemoglobin, platelets, electrolytes, renal function, and urine output
  1. Full tool is available as a Additional file 2
  2. ED emergency department, ICU intensive care unit