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Table 1 Overview of data files/data sets

From: Correction to: Transcriptomes of microglia in experimental cerebral malaria in mice in the presence and absence of Type I Interferon signaling

Label Name of data file/data set File types (file extension) Data repository and identifier (DOI or accession number)
Data file 1 Microarray data C57Bl/6 mice infected with P. berghei Illumina idat
Data file 2 PCA.pdf pdf
Data file 3 wt.inf_vs_wt.naive-p01.fc2.results.txt txt
Data file 4 ko.inf_vs_ko.naive-p01.fc2.results.txt txt
Data file 5 ToppGene.enrichment.barplot.pdf pdf
Data file 6 ko_specific_treatment_effect.heatmap.pd pdf