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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of a structured intronic region of the LMP2 pre-mRNA from EBV reveals associations with human regulatory proteins and nuclear actin

Fig. 2

RT-PCR and qPCR analysis of spliced and unspliced transcripts following disruption of actin polymerization in BJAB B1 cells. a A cartoon of LMP2B with locations of exons RT-PCR primer sites and a model of the structured region is at the top. Below this are the results of RT-PCR analyses of spliced and unspliced transcripts in the presence of Latrunculin. b Spliced and unspliced variants quantified by qPCR analysis. Data shown are first normalized to housekeeping gene HPRT and plotted as a fold difference compared to the control at each time point. All data represents the mean (with standard deviation) from two independent experiments (*p < 0.05). All primer sequences used for the experiments are included in Additional file 6: Table S4

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