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Fig. 2

From: Differential expression of RNA exosome subunits in the amphibian Lithobates catesbeianus during reproductive and non-reproductive periods

Fig. 2

Photomicrographs of seminiferous lobules of L. catesbeianus from summer groups (a, c, e, g) and winter groups (b, d, f, h,) submitted to immunohistochemistry for detection of LcRRP40 (a, b), LcRRP42 (c, d), LcRRP6 (e, f), and LcRRP44 (g, h). Note cytoplasmic immunolabeling (arrows) in the PGCs and in the interstitial cells (thin arrows) for: LcRRP40, LcRRP42, and LcRRP44 in both groups. A strong LcRRP6 immunolabeling is observed in the nucleus of PGCs (arrows) of Summer in comparison to Winter, and a weak or absent immunolabeling is observed in the cytoplasm of these cells (asterisks). LcRRP6 immunolabeling (thin arrows) is observed in the cytoplasm of interstitial cells in both periods. Bars: 10 µm

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