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Table 1 Data collection parameters for phase two

From: The physical sequelae of perinatally acquired HIV in adolescents: a research proposal

Data collected during clinical assessments Outcome measure tool Explanation of outcome measure
Fatigue HIV related fatigue scale A 56-item questionnaire used to establish levels of fatigue in people with HIV
Endurance Six minute walk test A measure of distance walked in 6 min to establish a person’s endurance
Motor function impairment Movement assessment battery for children—second edition (movement ABC-2) A tool used to assess fine and gross motor impairment in children and adolescents
Peripheral neuropathy Brief peripheral neuropathy screen A tool used to assess peripheral neuropathy in people with HIV
Muscle strength Standing broad jump An index of muscular fitness in children and adolescents established through three attempts at a standing broad jump
Disability World Health Organisation disability assessment schedule for children (WHODAS-Child) A 36-item questionnaire for assessing disability in children and adolescents through rating levels of difficulty in daily activities
Data collected from patient files Outcome measure tool Explanation of outcome measure
Quality of life (QOL) Pediatric quality of life inventory version 4.0 (PedsQL™ 4.0) A 23-item tool establishing the quality of life in children and adolescents with chronic illness
Body mass index Weight/height squared A measurement of weight in relation to height
Clinical data CD4; nadir CD4; viral load; age at initiation; drug regime; key co-morbidities Clinical data pertaining to the participant’s HIV management