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Table 1 Species and frequency of cockroaches collected from Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran

From: Ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer 2 sequence analysis and phylogenetic comparison of seven cockroach species in northwestern Iran

Family Species Number collected (% total collected)
Blattidae Blatta orientalis L. 23 (7.2)
Shelfordella lateralis Walker 62 (19.3)
Periplaneta americana L. 57 (17.8)
Ectobiidae Supella longipalpa F. 19 (5.9)
Blattela germanica L. 146 (45.5)
Corydiidae Polyphaga aegyptiaca L. 7 (2.2)
Polyphaga sausserei Dohrn 7 (2.2)