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Table 3 Association between satisfactions with job and family life and ever trying smoking, drinking, or trying both among men in Malawi (multivariate regression analysis)

From: Satisfaction with job and family life, and association with smoking and alcohol drinking behaviors among young men in Malawi: analysis from a multiple indicator survey

  Smoking Drinking alcohol
aOR (95% CI) aOR (95% CI)
Satisfaction with job
Dissatisfied 0.90 (0.36–2.24) 0.83 (0.63–1.08)
Satisfied 1.05 (0.48–2.31) 0.77 (0.63–0.93)
Satisfaction with overall life
Dissatisfied 0.60 (0.24–1.46) 0.95 (0.72–1.24)
  1. aOR adjusted odds ratio