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Table 1 Items that were used to measure SES in selected articles

From: Measurement components of socioeconomic status in health-related studies in Iran

First author Year Geographical Target group Validation Language SES items
Doulabi [11] 2017 Tehran 1036 children
36–60 months
+ English (E) Parent’s education, house ownership, floor area of the housing unit, having one or two cars, monthly income, computer, number of family members
Khajavi [13] 2017 31 provinces in Iran + E Home area, number of rooms, car, television, refrigerator, oven, vacuum cleaner, washing machines, media players, cell phone, telephone, bathroom, kitchen, gas pipe line
Almasi-Hashiani [14] 2017 Tehran 5170 women + E Vacuum cleaner, handicraft carpet, laptop, freezer, dish washing machines, private cars, touch mobile, three-dimensional TV, side-by-side refrigerator, microwaves, number of rooms and area of residence
Kelishadi [15] 2017 30 provinces in Iran 23,183 school students + E Parental education, parents’ job, possessing private car, school type (public/private), and having personal computer in home
Kia [16] 2017 31 provinces in Iran 29,609 household E TV sets, refrigerators, freezers, radios, cell phones, wristwatches, computers, laptops, microwaves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dish washing machines, cars, heating and cooling systems, fuel in the kitchen, access to internet, sources of drinking water, bathrooms, number of rooms, toilets, home ownership
Mosallanezhad [17] 2017 Tehran 75 yeas E Overall years of education, job status and monthly family income
Maharloue [18] 2017 Shiraz 3400 households + E Education level and occupation head of household and partners, household income
Ayubi [19] 2017 Zanjan city 1064 student high schools + E Car, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, vacuum cleaner, personal computer and laptop, microwave, LCD or LED TV
Tajik [20] 2016 Falavarjan 302 patients + Persian (P) Type of home, home area, number of rooms, personal car, motorcycle, furniture microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, freezer, vacuum cleaner, cell phone, landline, cooler type, kitchen space
Kavefirooz [21] 2016 Tehran 384 women P Education, family income, occupation, place of residence, type of home, parental education
Mostafavi [22] 2016 16 provinces in Iran 2494 subjects
10–18 years
+ E Personal home, car, computer, school type (private/public)
Mirmoghtadaee [12] 2016 30 provinces in Iran 13,486 students + E House, car, computer, parental education and occupation, school type (private/public)
Safiri [23] 2016 30 provinces in Iran 13,486 student
6–18 years
+ E Parents’ education, parents’ job, private car, school type (public/private), type of home (private/rented), and having personal computer
Ahmadi [24] 2016 Golestan Province 50,045
40–75 years
E Family asset, ethnicity, sex, employment status, age at starting the first job, size and the status of house
Alhossaini [25] 2016 Isfahan
10,745 people aged ≥ 19 years E Ownership of a house, car, personal computer, health insurance support
Heshmat [26] 2016 31 provinces of Iran 14,136 aged ≥ 15 years E House ownership, number of rooms, TV, cell phone, car, freezer, washing machine, dish washing machine, phone, microwave, access to internet, occupation and education heads of the families, number of family members
Rezazadeh [10] 2016 Urmia 723 participants aged 20–64 E Tap water, gas, electricity, telephone, bathroom, toilet, color TV, black and white TV/stove with oven or without oven, refrigerator, freezer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, motorcycle, car, number of cars, mobile phone, number of mobile phones, computer/laptop, internet connection
Tavakoli [27] 2016 Tehran 292 women
60 years
E Home ownership, monthly income and the number of essential item for living
Pasdar [28] 2015 Kermanshah 687 women
65–25 years
P Occupation, education, income
Keshtkar [29] 2015 Arak and Sanandaj 2617 people ≥ 20 years + P Education, housing ownership, home area, mobile phone, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, computer, internet access, car
Naghibi [30] 2015 Mazandaran 184 children under 5-year P Parental education, parent’s occupation, place of residence, housing ownership, family income
Roudsari [31] 2015 Tehran 722 people
30–64 years
E Age, gender, occupation status, education, duration of residence in Tehran, ethnicity, religion, marital status, number of children
Abobakri [32] 2015 East Azerbaijan 700 households + E Value of housing, health expenditure of household, occupation rank, income, education of head of household, value of personal car
Bahramian [33] 2015 Tehran 20,320 adult
15–64 years
+ E Average living area per person, room capitation per person, landline, mobile phone, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, car, motorcycle, refrigerator, microwave, oven, computer, dishwasher
Ramezani Doroh [34] 2015 Shiraz 852 men
716 women
E Monthly income
Ghorbani [35] 2015 Tehran 1100 adult + E Education, house area per capita, house value based on location, house ownership, having a car, computer, dishwasher, steam-cleaner, microwave, internet access
Baygi [36] 2015 27 provinces of Iran 5682 students 10–18 years E literacy, family permanent income (family assets), employment rate
Morowatisharifabad [37] 2015 Ardakan and Yazd 188 children
3–5 years
+ E Parents’ education and occupation, the size of the house (m2), whether the house had a yard, and if so, could it be used as a playground by the child
Mashayekhi-Ghoyonlo [38] 2015 Mashhad 140 patients + E Level of education, job, income, monthly savings, place of residence, home ownership, car ownership
Najafianzadeh [39] 2015 Arak 373 rural households + P Parent education, income, sofa, handmade carpet, freezer, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, computer, car, personal home
Shishehgar [40] 2014 Tehran 210 pregnant women + E Marital status, occupation and education level, monthly income, place of residence, number of people per household, cost per square meter of their house, car, computer
Cheraghian [41] 2014 Tehran 69,173
25–64 years
+ E Owning fridge, personal computer, telephone, mobile phone, washing machine, microwave oven, car, motorcycle, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, house ownership, number of rooms per capita, area of the house
Tajik [42] 2014 28 provinces of Iran 27,000 households + E Kitchen, bathroom, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, freezer, personal computer
Mokhayeri [43] 2014 Tehran E Job
Eslami [44] 2014 Tehran 700 adult
18–64 years
E Age, gender, marital status, having children, educational level, employment, profession, annual income, perceived financial strain
Kavosi [45] 2014 Shiraz 100 patients + E Age, sex, education, occupation, insurance
Mohebbi [46] 2014 Tehran 499 individuals
20–50 year
E Educational level, family income, house ownership, household size and number of persons
Heydari [47] 2014 Ahvaz 350 students university E Father’s and mother`s education level, father’s career, family’s income, relative price of own dwelling, purchasing power for buying a dwelling
Eslami [48] 2014 Mashhad 359 citizens P Income, economic class, housing ownership, education
Pasdar [49] 2014 Kermanshah 500 households P Maternal income, mother’s education, father’s education, mother’s occupation, father’s occupation
Ghodratnama [50] 2013 Ahvaz 370 students university + P Income—economic class—housing ownership—parental education
Nejhad [51] 2013 28 provinces of Iran 3472 patients + E Phone at home, cell phone, washing machine, dish washer, microwave, camcorder, car, residential Area, number of rooms, main cooling devices, main cooking device
Naghibi Sistani [52] 2013 Tehran 1031
18–65 years
E Living area in square meters per person, education, employment
Nazari [53] 2013 30 provinces in Iran 58,421,420
Iranian ≥ 10 years
E Number of family, % of individuals literate in family; % of individuals with employment in family, % of family members are students, car, access to the Internet, accommodation size, numbers of rooms, kitchen, gas pipe lines, house ownership, motorcycle, bathroom, effluent system, existence of disabled individual in the family.
Khayatzadeh [54] 2013 Tehran 220 mothers E Educational level (education of mothers), occupational status (both parents), income (both parents) and housing situation (the type, size of housing and the total number of rooms)
Asefzadeh [55] 2013 Qazvin 878 persons P Education, job classification, income, income percentile
Nedjat [56] 2012 Tehran 2464 residents of Tehran + E Number of rooms and living area per capita, separate kitchen, bathroom, computer, washing machine, freezer, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, personal car, mobile phone, color TV, video or DVD player, telephone
Fakhri [57] 2012 Mazandaran province 698 students E Occupation of the father of the family
Morasae [58] 2012 Tehran 22,135 people ≥ 15 years + E Personal computer, freezer, car, motorcycle, mobile phone, kitchen, bathroom, landline, toilet, house ownership, residence area per capita, number of rooms per capita
Zolala [59] 2012 28 provinces of Iran Ecological study E Unemployment, urbanization and literacy in the different provinces
Rohani-Rasaf [60] 2012 Tehran Ecological study + E House ownership, room per person, area per capita, having bath, kitchen, toilet, car, phone, cell phone, freezer, computer, years of education
Payab [61] 2012 Ray city 430 mothers P Level of education, job position of head of household and mother, housing ownership, sofa, handmade carpet, refrigerator freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, computer, car
Yaghoubi and Enayat [62] 2012 Ahvaz 384 students
+ P Maternal occupation, maternal income, maternal education
Donyavi [63] 2011 Tehran 1283 patients E Living area in square meters per person, education, employment
Fazeli [64] 2010 North-East of Iran 86 patient E Clean and tidy appearance, level of literacy, having a known professional career, unemployment, longer than 3 months in Iran, good job, monthly income, place of living
Sheykhmounesi [65] 2010 Sari 40 adults
40 children
P Housing ownership, education level, family size, occupation, secondary occupation, job wife, car, mobile phone, agricultural land, insurance type
Garmaroudi [66] 2010 Tehran 1000 households + P Household education, wife education, home area, home prices, car, computer
Montazeri [67] 2008 Tehran 4163
≥ 15 years
E Years of formal education
Ansari [68] 2008 Zahedan 240 university students + P Father’s education, mother’s education father’s job, mother’s job, income
Hosseinpoor [69] 2007 29 provinces of Iran 524,111 households + E Number of rooms per capita, car, motorcycle, bicycle, fridge, TV, telephone kind of heating device