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Fig. 2

From: Thermostability and excision activity of polymorphic forms of hOGG1

Fig. 2

Thermolability of excision activity for hOGG1 variants. The hOGG1 variants’ enzyme activities were compared with or without thermal challenge. The top panel shows a representative gel image, in this case for the R46Q hOGG1 variant in the presence of non-specific DNA. In the lower panels, product formation, as measured from the glycosylase activity assay, is plotted as a function of time for each hOGG1 variant. Prior to the excision assay, hOGG1 variants were pre-incubated at either 37 °C (circles) or 4 °C (squares). The pre-incubation was carried out in the absence (open markers) or the presence (filled markers) of stoichiometric undamaged DNA. For each hOGG1 variant the glycosylase assay was replicated a minimum of three times at each condition. Error bars represent the standard deviation

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