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Table 2 Model fit indices, N = 340

From: A structural equation modelling of the buffering effect of social support on the report of common mental disorders in Zimbabwean women in the postnatal period

Fit statistic Index Criterion for fit Result-interpretation
Likelihood ratio Chi squared test (χms2) p > 0.05 χ2 (df 24) = 84.87, p < 0.001—misfit
Normed Chi square [χ2/df] χ2/df < 2 3.5—misfit
Population error Root mean squared error of approximation (RMSEA)-(90% CI) RMSEA ≤ 0.06 0.054 (0.026: 0.080)—good fit
Information criteria Akaike’s information criterion (AIC) The smaller, the better 8965.5—best fit
Bayesian information criterion (BIC) The smaller, the better 9080.32—best fit
Baseline comparison Comparative Fit Index (CFI) CFI ≥ 0.90 0.928—good fit
Tucker–Lewis Index (LFI) LFI ≥ 0.90 0.893—good fit
Size of residuals Standardized root mean squared residual (SRMR) SRMR ≤ 0.08 0.056—good fit
The coefficient of determination (SD) The greater, the better 0.7—good fit