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Fig. 1

From: INC280 inhibits Wnt/β-catenin and EMT signaling pathways and its induce apoptosis in diffuse gastric cancer positive for c-MET amplification

Fig. 1

Correlation between RUNX3 levels and c-MET levels in gastric cancer patients. a Clinical significance of decreased RUNX3 expression and increased MET expression in gastric tumors. Expression of RUNX3 and MET mRNA in gastric cancer and normal pair samples as determined by RNA-sequencing. R = − 0.4216, P = 0.0130 by Spearman correlation. b Immunodetection of endogenous c-MET, phosphor c-MET (pY1234/1235) and RUNX3 in diffuse type- and intestinal type-gastric cancer cell lines. c Overall survival (OS) of patients with MET- or RUNX3-amplified tumors compared with low amplification

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