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Fig. 2

From: Diagnostic accuracy of MRI with MRCP and B-Mode-sonography with elastography of the pancreas in patients with cystic fibrosis: a point-to-point comparison

Fig. 2

Transversal MRI images and a patient with manifold side branch cysts in pancreatic body. In all acquired sequences [T1-Flash-2D transversal native (a); T2-HASTE transversal (b); T1-Flash-2D fatsat transversal after contrast injection (c)] no residual pancreatic parenchyma can be identified. Asterixis mark empty pancreatic bed after full fatty transformation. Patient with manifold side branch cysts in pancreatic body with can be easily identified in T2-Space3D coronar MIP-MRCP sequence (d) and transversal T2-HASTE sequence (e). In B-mode sonography (f), identification of exact number, localization and contact to pancreatic duct was not possible

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