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Table 1 Frequency distribution of the reason for no medication taking in the research units with poor medication adherence (n = 30)

From: Antiretroviral therapy adherence and its determinant factors among people living with HIV/AIDS: a case study in Iran

Phrase Sometimes/often
n %
I was away from home 2 6.7
I was very busy (I had more important things to do) 2 6.7
I forgot 8 26.7
There were many pills 4 13.3
I did not understand the value of the drugs 4 13.3
I wanted to get away from the side effects of medications 1 3.3
I did not want others to realize that I’m taking medicine 0 0
I wanted to make a difference in my daily life 3 10.0
I felt that drugs were harmful and toxic 3 10.0
I felt very drowsy 2 6.7
I was sick (my condition got worse) 3 10.0
I had transportation problems 4 13.3
I felt depressed 4 13.3
Taking pills in certain meals (with a meal, or with an empty stomach, etc.) confused me. 1 3.3
I lost my medications 2 6.7
The pills were destroyed due to hot weather 0 0
I was tired of taking pills (I felt disable) 1 3.3
I had a good feeling and thought that I was healthy 3 10.0