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Table 3 Summary of validity–reliability test of Indonesian version of AQUAREL

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Indonesian version of AQUAREL on patients with permanent pacemaker: a cross-sectional study

  Parameters Result
Validity Correlation with SF-36 Strong correlation between CHS–BP and between DYS–SF
Moderate correlation between total AQUAREL and total SF-36
Correlation with 6MWT Weak correlation between DYS–6MWT
Correlation with NT-proBNP Weak correlation between CHS–DYS with NT pro BNP
Reliability Inter-item correlation Item 1–5 showed moderate to strong correlation in CHS
Item 7–8, 8–9, 9–10 showed strong correlation in DYS
Inter-domain correlation Very strong correlation between CHS and total AQUAREL
Strong correlation between DYS and total AQUAREL
Strong correlation between CHS and DYS
Day-1 to day-8 comparison No significant difference mean value
Good correlation (Kendall Tau) of total AQUAREL
Good correlation (ICC) total AQUAREL