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TableĀ 1 Proteins found to interact with PRA1 in a split-ubiquitin yeast two-hybrid screen

From: Novel binding partners for Prenylated Rab Acceptor 1 identified by a split-ubiquitin yeast two-hybrid screen

Accession number Gene name Cellular localization Individual isolations
NM_019434.3 Mcm3ap Nucleus, cytoplasm 1
NM_008904.2 Ppargc1a Nucleus, cytoplasm 3
MF113398.1 Appl1 Endosome, nucleus 1
NM_009408.2 Top1 Nucleus 1
NM_026879.3 Chmp2b Endosome, cytoplasm 1
NM_007590.3 Calm3 Cytoplasm, microtubules 3
AF093677.1 Atpase6 Mitochondria 1
NM_021329.3 Rangrf Plasma membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm 1
NM_001359645.1 Rab3ip Nucleus, cytoplasm, actin bundles 1
AC160456.8 Fam155a Membrane 1
NM_031248.4 Lamtor2 Lysosome, endosome 1
NM_172516.4 Dstyk Plasma membrane 1
NM_010500.2 Ier5 Nucleus, cytoplasm 1
NM_011343.3 Sec61g ER 1
XM_011241332.1 Mgll Cytoplasm, membrane 1
U93702.1 Neu1 Lysosome, plasma membrane 1
NR_152859.1 Dmtf1 Nucleus 1
NM_001347498.1 Unc5d Plasma membrane 1
NM_022656.2 Nisch Endosome, plasma membrane 1
NM_001326585.1 Rhno1 Nucleus 3
NM_020045.3 Hirip5 Cytoplasm, mitochondria 1
NM_145380.2 Eif3m Cytoplasm 1
NM_023831.3 Ift46 Cilium 1
NM_026353.4 Slc48a1 Endosome, lysosome 1
EU007907.1 Alox15 Membrane, cytoplasm, lipid droplets 1
AY772010.3 Huwe1 Nucleus 1
NM_001359902.1 Ghitm Mitochondria 1
NM_029985.2 Lrrc42 Nucleus 1
NM_001282040.1 Pmm1 Cytoplasm 1
NM_010638.4 Klf9 Nucleus 1
NM_019817.2 Copz1 Golgi, ER 1
NM_013608.3 Naca Cytoplasm, nucleus 2
NM_017399.5 Fabp1 Cytoplasm 2
NM_020271.3 Pdxp Cytoplasm, actin bundles 1
NM_178405.3 Atp1a2 Plasma membrane 1
NM_011356.4 Frzb Extracellular 1
NM_019422.3 Elovl1 ER 1
NM_178119.3 Agap1 Endosome, lysosome, Golgi 1
NM_026444.4 Cs Mitochondria 1
NM_008410.3 Itm2b Golgi, endosome, extracellular 1
NM_001098231.1 Pdp1 Mitochondria 1
  1. The cellular localization listed is gleaned from the UniprotKB database. Individual isolations column refers to the number of times a gene was independently identified during the screen