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Table 3 Themes and categories generated from the perspective of healthcare personnel

From: Implementation of palliative care for patients with terminal diseases from the viewpoint of healthcare personnel

  Themes Categories
Palliative care from the perspective of healthcare personnel Family and environment 1. Empowerment
2. Perception and preference
3. Norm
4. Coping mechanism; and
5. Health-seeking behavior
Numbers and competence of healthcare personnel 1. Empathy
2. Communication
3. Decision making; and
4. Self-confidence
Accessibility of palliative care 1. Geographical access
2. Informational access; and
3. Socialization
Case management 1. Case notification
2. Comprehensive care
3. Interdisciplinary collaboration
4. Integration of care; and
5. Follow-up
Healthcare system 1. Policy
2. Standard and guideline
3. Availability of drugs
4. Networking
5. Financing
6. Quality assurance; and
7. Legal aspect