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Table 1 Stimuli, potentiator or inhibitors of iBK formation

From: Increased fibrinolysis-induced bradykinin formation in hereditary angioedema confirmed using stored plasma and biotechnological inhibitors

Stimulus Final concentration in plasma Site of action Source
Recombinant active KLK-1 10 nM Kininogen cleavage, mostly low molecular weight form DiaMedica, Inc.
Pacific Hemostasis Kontact-APTT 2% v/v without the calcium supplement Particulate material that triggers the contact system ThermoFisher Scientific
Recombinant tPA (alteplase, Cathflow) 169 nM Plasminogen activation Roche
Enalaprilat 130 nM ACE inhibition Kemprotec Ltd. (Maltby, UK)
Lanadelumab (DX-2930), humanized monoclonal antibody 500 nM Inhibitor of plasma kallikrein [3] Shire Intl. GmbH
M293-D02, monoclonal antibody 1 μM Anti-lanadelumab neutralizing antibody [15] Shire Intl. GmbH
DX-1000, recombinant Kunitz-type inhibitor 1 μM Inhibitor of plasmin [2] Shire Intl. GmbH