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Table 2 List of 29 signs and relevant sources

From: Development of a Global Subjective Skin Aging Assessment score from the perspective of dermatologists

Skin aging signs Skin aging scales
Authors: Guinot et al. Vierkotter et al. Rzany et al. Bazin et al. Allehand et al. Lim et al.
Yaar et al.
Wrinkles-superficial Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
Wrinkles-deep Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
Wrinkles-criscross       Ο
Reduce fat tissue   Ο Ο    Ο
Nasolabial folds Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
Eye bags Ο    Ο Ο Ο
Ptosis of eyelids Ο    Ο Ο Ο
Yellowish discoloration   Ο     Ο
Lax appearance/tissue slacking Ο Ο    Ο Ο
Solar elastosis   Ο   Ο   Ο
Pseudoscar   Ο     Ο
Cutis rhomboidalis nuchae   Ο     Ο
Freckles   Ο     Ο
Solar lentigines   Ο     Ο
Melasma   Ο     Ο
Uneven pigment/pigment spot   Ο   Ο Ο Ο
Guttate hypomelanosis       Ο
Venous lakes       Ο
Senile purpura       Ο
Telangiectasias   Ο     Ο
Milia Ο Ο    Ο Ο
Sebaceous hyperplasia       Ο
Senile comedone Ο      Ο
Favre-Racouchot syndrome   Ο     Ο
Actinic keratosis   Ο     Ο
Xerosis   Ο     Ο
Squamous cell carcinoma   Ο     Ο
Basal cell carcinoma   Ο     Ο
Malignant melanoma   Ο     Ο
  1. COSMIN COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments, SAS Skin Aging Score, SCINEXA SCore of INtrinsic and EXtrinsic skin Aging, MAS Merz Aesthetics Scale, N/A not applicable