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Table 1 Overview of data files

From: Draft genome sequence of Aspergillus flavus isolate TERIBR1, a highly tolerant fungus to chromium stress

Label Name of data file File types Data repository
BioProject [10] Genome Assembly of TERIBR1 .fasta file
Additional file 1 [11] Aspergillus flavus TERIBR1 assembly scaffolds length .xls
Additional file 2 [12] Aspergillus flavus genome completeness statistics based on 248 CEGs .xls
Additional file 3 [13] Interproscan domains in Aspergillus flavus TERIBR1 .xls
Additional file 4 [14] GO based genes biological functional annotation domains present in Aspergillus flavus (TERIBR1). .tif
Additional file 5 [15] Top 20 InterPro domains distribution in the genome repertoire of TERIBR1 and NRRL3357 .tif