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Table 2 Compliance with recommendation status of ethanol in oral formulations

From: Prevalence of ethanol and other potentially harmful excipients in pediatric oral medicines: survey of community pharmacies in a Nigerian City

No of drugs indicating ethanol concentrationConcentration of ethanol statedApprox. volume of alcohol in 5 ml doseNo that recommended formulation for age group
0–< 6 year6–< 12 years≥ 12 year
1Up to 0.5%0.025 ml101010
141–5%0.05–0.25 ml41086140
66–10%0.3–0.5 ml152460
5> 10%> 0.5 ml232350
N = 26  71841350
  1. No: Not recommended for use at the concentration in formulation; Yes: recommended for use at the concentration in formulation