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Table 1 Data variables collected for each patient and definitions of their reporting

From: Scalpel blade contamination and risk of postoperative surgical site infection following abdominal incisions in dogs

Patient signalmentAge, sex, breed, weight
Procedure performedClean vs. clean-contaminated vs. contaminated vs. dirty
Duration of anesthesiaTime from induction to cessation of isoflurane administration, in minutes
Perioperative antibioticCefazolin 22 mg/kg IV or ampicillin/sulbactam 50 mg/kg IV
PropofolUsed vs. not used, 4–6 mg/kg IV
Preoperative skin conditionWithin normal limits vs. scrub irritation vs. previous incision (within 30 days) vs. pyoderma vs. dirty
Incision lengthGreater than or equal to 10 cm
Control and study sample culture identificationsPositive vs. negative, isolate
Postoperative evidence of SSIAs defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC, Table 2)