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Table 1 Examples of predictive models on adverse maternal or neonatal outcomes

From: Statistical risk prediction models for adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in severe preeclampsia in a low-resource setting: proposal for a single-centre cross-sectional study at Mpilo Central Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Author Year Country Predictor variables Outcome AUROC Sensitivity (%) Specificity
von Dadelszen et al. 2011 Canada, New Zealand Australia UK Demographic characteristics Clinical Interventions Pregnancy outcomes Maternal 0.880 76 87%
Payne et al. 2014 Fiji Uganda South Africa Brazil Pakistan Demographic characteristics Symptoms Signs Maternal 0.768 41.4 91.9%
Thangaratinam et al. 2017 England Wales Demographic characteristics Medical history Signs Laboratory tests Oxygen saturation Antihypertensives Magnesium sulphate Maternal Neonatal 0.840 82