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Table 3 Clinical variables to be collected in this study

From: A research proposal testing a new model of ambulation activity among long-term care residents with dementia/cognitive impairment: the study protocol of a prospective longitudinal natural history study

Variables When measured How measured Reliability and validity
Falls history, comorbid conditions, medications Baseline for all but new medical diagnoses and medications which are assessed weekly Medical chart review
Functional status (FS) Bi-weekly FS measured by the PCPT ALF and the Barthel Index (the latter for reliability and validity purposes) [45] PCPT ALF = test–retest reliability (≥ 0.60) [44] Spearman correlation with the Barthel, the Functional Independence Measure and the MDS Resident Assessment Instrument (≥ 0.70; unpublished data)
Barthel = Inter-rater reliability 0.89; [64] Pearson (r) 0.50; Alpha coefficients 0.62–0.80
Cognitive status Baseline and every 6 months Changes in cognitive status will be measured by the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) [46]
Dementia diagnosis and subtype
Test–retest reliability = 0.92 [46]
Inter-rater reliability = 0.81
Internal consistency = 0.83
Gait and balance Bi-weekly The Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment [47] Test–retest reliability = 0.72–0.86 [65]
Inter-rater reliability = 0.84 [66]