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Table 1 The modified items were summarized

From: Cultural adaptation and psychometric adequacy of the Persian version of the physical activity scale for the elderly (P-PASE)

PASE activities Replaced activities in the Persian version
Walking the dog Walking with your friends or neighborhood
Bowling, golf with a cart, shuffleboard, fishing from a boat or pier Playing backgammon or chess, go shopping just to take a break
Doubles tennis, ballroom dancing, hunting, ice skating, golf without a cart, softball Participation and giving services in religious ceremonies or going marches with family and friends
Gagging, swimming, cycling, singles tennis, aerobic dance, skiing (downhill or cross-country) Playing with sports equipment in the parks, mountain climbing
Carrying the wood Washing and repairing the car
Seating assembly line worker Rosary
Walking along with handling some materials generally weighing less than 50 lbs (including mailman, waiter/waitress, construction worker, heavy tool and machinery worker) Buying fruits and vegetables and other groceries (by kilograms)
Lumberjack, stonemason, farm or general laborers) Carrying house furniture during moving to a new house, farming and laboring