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Table 3 Themes and study findings using a community-based collaborative action research framework

From: Collaborative health education for Somali Bantu refugee women in Kansas City

Themes Findings CBCAR dimension
Develop community and trust Relationship built over the study time period was essential to gain community trust Partnership
Provide a space to share personal opinions Creation of a safe and private venue was crucial for open dialog Dialog
Explore meaning of shared experiences and personal narratives Sharing of personal opinions in safety of private interviews gave greater depth to understanding Pattern recognition
Understand and appreciate influence of life experiences on current health Mutual understanding of the lives of participants and team members facilitated success of the project Dialog on meaning of pattern
Identify a path forward for continued health and community Recognition of community concerns and knowledge gaps allowed for better planning for future sessions Insight into action
Evaluate success and consider new understandings Reflected on the outcomes and future directions, formed meaningful relationships with community Reflection on evolving pattern