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Table 1 Overview of Ganoderma boninense data sets available at

From: RNA-seq data of Ganoderma boninense at axenic culture condition and under in planta pathogen-oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) interaction

File link Description of data set File name BioSample ID Axenic Ganoderma boninense_BR1 SRX5240215 SAMN10724118 Axenic Ganoderma boninense_BR2 SRX5240214 SAMN10724119 Axenic Ganoderma boninense _BR3 SRX5240213 SAMN10724120 In planta Ganoderma boninense_BR1 SRX5240212 SAMN10724121 In planta Ganoderma boninense_BR2 SRX5240211 SAMN10724122 In planta Ganoderma boninense_BR3 SRX5240210 SAMN10724123
  1. BR biological replicate