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TableĀ 1 T-test comparisons

From: Apolipoprotein E promoter genotypes are not associated with white matter hyperintensity development in high-altitude careers

Genotype comparison (rs405509) WMH count
p value
WMH volume p-value Genotype comparison (rs769446) WMH count
WMH volume p-value
T/T vs. G/G 0.99 >ā€‰0.99 C/C vs. T/T N/A* N/A*
T/T vs. T/G 0.97 >ā€‰0.99 C/C vs. C/T N/A* N/A*
T/G vs. G/G 0.95 >ā€‰0.99 C/T vs. T/T 0.19 0.28
  1. *There were no C/C genotypes in the study